Kombucha Bag Alert! See Sergio's Process of creating the Kombucha Bags

Who is excited to see the full process of developing the Kombucha bags!?!
When I began developing the collection I really wanted to stay as true as I could to being 100% fully sustainable and environmentally friendly. The show did not really touch base on that sadly. However, I knew that developing accessories could only enhance the garments I was creating. As a company we actually have a lot of interns that come to intern with us here at CELESTINO, and one of our interns @jasmin introduced us to the process of creating your own fabric out of the Kombucha (Never to late to learn something new!)! The entire process took a little over 2 and a half months. It probably should have taken longer, but due to time constraints and gathering of materials, that is how long it took to create theses bags. Once the supplies was gathered the entire process was a breeze! You literally just have to feed the Kombucha every few days or until you notice that it is running low on honey and tea mixture. If you are interested in growing your own, reach out and we can make sure we give you the supplies list and the know how on growing it! 1. is the finished product of one of the bags. The Kombucha was hand sewn using embroidery thread to attach the fabric to the triangular hardware, and then a chain was added to the clutch for easy carrying. 2. is me starting the growing process by placing the Kombucha scoby in the plastic tub and pouring the tea and honey solution in it, the Kombucha then had to be placed in a dark room at room temperature (our guest bath tub, or under our bed). 3. shows the growing process of the kombucha as it begins to take the shape of the container. 4. is me separating and massaging the kombucha to prep it for drying, massaging it allowed more growth and durability in creating the fabric. 5. is the drying process. The kombucha needed to dry out, prior to treating, during this process it can also shrink in size. 6. is me painting the kombucha once treated with bees wax and coconut oil, I used a water soluble paint to create the icy white look. 7. is the kombucha part painted that will then be used to create the bag, I painted and treated just enough to fit within the pattern used to create the bags. 8. is showing the inside of one of the bags so you can see that it was treated as a luxury purchase, each bag is lined with silk charmeuse and created with lots of love from the inside out! 9. is the another one of the bags that was created but never showcased on the show. 10. is the bag that was photographed in the first slide as it walked down the runway.

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