Celestino presents their most recent collection and lookbook for Spring and Summer 2020. Taking inspiration from educating individuals on the harmful chemical, glyphosate. Many are unaware of this chemical and the harm it causes to humans as well as nature. Being that it is in most weed killers, food products and water systems, it is linked to causing thyroid problems, cancer, weight gain and gluten intolerance.


When designing the collection, it was important to portray these effects within the materials and fabrics of each garment. Such as fringe and manipulative ribbon, which were used to show the chemical imposing on the natural fibers of the fabric choices. As well as, cotton, denim, burlap, lace, etc., representing vegetation and replicating mother nature returning back to her roots.


Below, is a video linked to a recent court case involving glyphosate and the harmful effects including a citizen from California. The manufactures of this chemical are aware of the harm behind it yet still make the decision to sell it in stores.


Scroll to view photos from the SS 20' lookbook. 


Photographer: @michaelmyersphoto Photographer Assistant: @joncestudios Models: @claudia.o__ @beckahboykin Hair and Makeup: @thesandrasaenz
Assistant Hair and Makeup: @marianaverasteguibeauty
Set Assistants: @nickpsheppard@kendalltietz @lindseyledoux

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