Got a question about how CELESTINO does things? Check out some of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you don't see what you are looking for, feel free to contact us directly! 


  • Do you design for someone like me?

    Yes! CELESTINO designs for all people. It does not matter your size, shape, gender, or disability. We design for any person who wishes to support CELESTINO. 

  • Do you design for different body types?
  • Yes! CELESTINO designs for every size and shape. With CELESTINO offering made to measure garments, you, as our client, are able to have a look shaped and created around your body to provide you with ultimate comfort and all the extraordinary glamour you could wish for. CELESTINO has always designed for every shape and size. Designing for every individual is something both Sergio and Kade are passionate about.

  • Where can I find CELESTINO items for sale and is there a flagship store?
  • Under our “Collections” section of our website you can find all CELESTINO items that we hand make and are available for purchase. You can contact Kade by emailing kade@celestinocouture.com for more information on how you can purchase your own made-to-measure CELESTINO piece. CELESTINO does not have a brick and mortar store as of right now. Everything is purchased out of CELESTINO’s atelier in Hudson NY - USA. 

  • What if I can't currently afford the collection but want to own a piece of CELESTINO’s design?
  • Here at CELESTINO we have taken many years to make our brand accessible for everyone who supports it. The reason all CELESTINO items are priced the way they are is due to the designs being thoughtfully and sustainably created in the United States offering beautiful hand craftsmanship, high quality fabrics, materials, beading, and couture hand techniques for each piece created. We understand that CELESTINO’s price point is not always attainable, but we do want to reiterate that all CELESTINO products are produced in the United States and made by both Kade and Sergio themselves. This offers the client a true couture hands-on experience working with the designers to have the perfect dress for them. Though CELESTINO has been presented with the opportunity to collaborate with companies to provide a cheaper and more attainable piece, CELESTINO passionately strives to be as sustainable as possible by producing only one of a kind pieces. Collaborating with larger companies would cause more pollution to the world and in the end be against the principals CELESTINO stand for. We also have started a new section of our website titled Revender which offers more attainable priced items from CELESTINO. 

  • How can I apply for a career or internship?
  • You can contact us at kade@celestinocouture.com for all internship and career opportunities. We do not publish career opportunities publicly however you are welcomed to send over your portfolio for consideration. CELESTINO prides itself for having an inclusive internship program that provides a submergence in what the fashion industry is really behind the scenes. We take all resumes for internships from Fashion design, website, marketing, graphics, photography, and videography. 

  • Are you looking for sponsorships for fashion weeks?
  • We are always looking for sponsorships of different companies who wish to be a part of the CELESTINO experience. Offering Sponsors the ability to be a part of fabulous productions of CELESTINO shows, photoshoots, videos, etc.

  • What is Revender?
  • Revender is CELESTINO’s newest channel that sells all of its sample and lightly used pieces. We know the negative impacts of the fashion industry. With this in mind, we have envisioned a solution to bring the fashion cycle into a 360° loop. REVENDER by CELESTINO offers the client the opportunity to return their used CELESTINO garments in exchange for store credit. We will be reselling your gently used prêt-à-porter and made-to-measure pieces as a means of taking responsibility for the products we put out into the world. 



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