Sergio showcases his FW 20' Collection tilted "Ocean Anthem" the finale of Project Runway Bravo

See the full collection that Sergio created for the final episode of Project Runway on Bravo, and read about where his inspiration was drawn from. Support MAPS at 

Celestin FW 20' collection Showcased for the Finale of Project Runway

Watch Sergios Finale collection on Project Runway. Music by Parvati

Spring/Summer 20' Lookbook

Celestino presents their most recent collection and lookbook for Spring and Summer 2020. Taking inspiration from educating individuals on the harmful chemical, glyphosate. Many are unaware of this chemical and the harm it causes to humans as well as nature. Being that it is in most weed killers, food products and water systems, it is linked to causing thyroid problems, cancer, weight gain and gluten intolerance.

 When designing the collection, it was important to portray these effects within the materials and fabrics of each garment. Such as fringe and manipulative ribbon, which were used to show the chemical imposing on the natural fibers of the fabric choices. As well as, cotton, denim, burlap, lace, etc., representing vegetation and replicating mother nature returning back to her roots.

Fall/Winter 2019 Prêt-á-Couture

Inspired by the Japanese warrior women known as Onna-Bugeisha, the fearless fighters of the Samurai time that have gone virtually unmentioned in the annals of time. Protecting their families, lands, and fighting for their beliefs, these warriors were a true display of the power of women; a quality that Celestino continuously strives to showcase and uphold. The strength of the onna-bugeisha combined with the elegance and beauty of the Japanese aesthetic found in the gardens, art, and fashions throughout history have been woven together to create our Fall/Winter 2019 collection.

Spring/Summer 2019 Prêt-á-Couture

The world is calling for a new Renaissance. Bringing together minority creators and innovators, this collection was developed and inspired through the ideology of providing renaissance armor-inspired garments to those in today’s world who are individuals that are being oppressed.

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