"Designer Sergio 'Celestino' Guadarrama works with an ecologically sound focus, making use of up-cycled materials to reduce waste."

The New York Times

"The designer Sergio Guadarrama and the creative director Kade Johnson - which works with upcycled fabrics"


What does the perfect fit mean to you? The perfect fit is knowing that when you put your bridal gown on it fits like a glove. CELESTINO offers that for our bridal clients giving you freedom, security, and confidence to allow you to focus on what is important on your special day.

The Creation of CELESTINO Garments

Sergio Guadarrama and Kade Johnson pride themselves on creating rare, sustainable, elaborate handcrafted garments. Each garment made is for a larger purpose here in the CELESTINO studio. Our studio is based in the Hudson Valley in Hudson, NY.

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The Making of Angelica Ross Corseted Tulle & Organza Ballgown

Sergio Guadarrama and Kade Johnson came together to team up with Angelica Ross (@angelicaross) and her stylist Brandon M. Garr to created the ultimate sunset pinks ballgown for the 51st Annual World PRIDE on ABC. The dress created was made up of 200 yards of couture ombre sunset pink silk and tulle fabrics. The dress has taken over 350 hours due to the size and extensive and detailed couture hand stitching techniques.

Tiffany Haddish For JEZ Magazine

Designed by Sergio Guadarrama and Kade Johnson this beautiful structured black and white floral cocktail with appliquéd floral and hand beaded Swarovski crystal beads is radiant on Tiffany Haddish for JEZ Magazine.

Sustainable Fashion

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. CELESTINO offers full transparency regarding the production of every garment created. That transparency is fueled by determination to become the most sustainable and ethical couture atelier in the United States. Sergio Guadarrama and Kade Johnson have created the world of CELESTINO using exclusively upcycled and deadstock fabrics. To keep the carbon footprint of CELESTINO as minimal as possible, as well as upkeep the couture one-of-a-kind nature of every garment, they hold zero inventory. Each garment created by the company is made to order and handcrafted, using haute couture techniques to be one-of-a-kind for the client who has purchased it. CELESTINO also provides a unique experience for the customer by offering the ability to construct a fabulous design that incorporates a client’s existing garment or textile from their heritage that is meaningful to them. 

REVENDER by CELESTINO offers the client the opportunity to return their used CELESTINO garments in exchange for store credit. We will be reselling your gently used prêt-à-porter and made-to-measure pieces as a means of taking responsibility for the products we put out into the world.

When the client purchases a CELESTINO garment they are guaranteed tailored perfection specifically to their body and assurance of a sustainable purchase.

The Power of Femininity
Fall/Winter 2019

Inspired by the Japanese warrior women known as Onna-Bugeisha, the fearless fighters of the Samurai. Protecting their families, lands, and fighting for their beliefs, these warriors were a true display of the power of women; a quality that CELESTINO continuously strives to showcase and uphold.