Our Values - CELESTINO & Sustainability

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. CELESTINO battles this issue by offering full transparency regarding the production of every garment created. That transparency is fueled by determination to become the most sustainable and ethical couture atelier in the United States. Sergio Guadarrama and Kade Johnson have created the world of CELESTINO using exclusively upcycled and dead stock fabrics (leftover fabrics from other design houses sold off or tossed away). 
“When creating, Kade and I take on the huge task of making a collection out of deadstock fabrics which often do not match. When a collection is being designed we determine the direction of the color scheme that best fits our inspiration. Then, each fabric is strategically found with the consideration of how much yardage is available, how the fabric feels, drapes, and looks upon the body. We then design our looks around how much material is present. Each look is made with precise measurements and draping to be sure that minimal scraps are left. If there happens to be extra yardage, or scraps, smaller designs are created. These scraps are creatively utilized to make items anywhere from blazers or tops to our 3-D wall artWe are not only sustainable but ethical. Everything that you see is created by Kade and myself. Kade cuts everything and I sew everything. Together we hand sew, bead, and collaborate to bring the collections to life. Our beading and trimmings are often bought from the same place as the deadstock. However, If we have to outsource what we need, we both are determined to find products that are ethically made and if a sustainable option is presented we choose that first.”- Sergio Guadarrama
We are determined to take the glamour of fashion and spread it locally as well as globally, making sure our mission statement to not be a burden upon the planet is heard. 
“The beauty of CELESTINO is that we provide true exclusivity to our couture clients, any design that is purchased is a one of a kind look. It offers our clients the reassurance that they will be the only one in the room wearing that CELESTINO look. Any one of our clients will receive that true made-to-measure experience where they can have a handmade look that fits them like a glove. Our designs provide a sense of security so that the client can be at their most comfortable while wearing CELESTINO.” - Kade Johnson
To keep the carbon footprint of CELESTINO as minimal as possible, as well as upkeep the couture one-of-a-kind nature of every garment, they hold zero inventory. Each garment created by the company is made to order, and hand crafted using haute couture techniques to be one-of-a-kind for the client who has purchased it. CELESTINO also provides a unique experience for the customer by offering the ability to construct a fabulous design that incorporates a client’s existing garment or textile from their heritage that is meaningful to them. 
Coming soon to CELESTINO is REVENDER. We at CELESTINO strive to be as sustainable as possible, and we know the negative impacts of the fashion industry. With this in mind, we've envisioned a solution to bring the fashion cycle into a 360° loop. 
REVENDER by CELESTINO offers the client the opportunity to return their used CELESTINO garments in exchange for store credit. We will be reselling your gently used prêt-à-porter and made-to-measure pieces as a means of being responsible for the products we put out into the world. 
When the client purchases a CELESTINO garment they are guaranteed tailored perfection specifically to their body and assurance of a sustainable purchase.
Here at CELESTINO we offer a range of sizes for our unique & one-of-a-kind custom piece from all of our collections. We understand how frustrating it can be shopping online, as every clothing store seems to have a different definition for size large. With our easy to read size chart and reference page for measuring, you can rest assured knowing your new look will fit you perfectly. We aim to bring you the true made to measure experience in couture fashions.
For more questions about our sizing and fit - Email: Kade@celestinocouture.com