This collection is deeply personal to myself during a very strong divide in today’s political climate. The entire collection has been developed and inspired through the ideology of providing renaissance armor inspired garments to those in today’s world who are individuals that are being oppressed. It was curated for each minority to become inspired to use their voice and encourage empowerment using beauty and fashion to portray strength and diversity at a time when it is needed most. As a company we strongly believe that one of the most effective ways of encouraging individuals to stand strong against what they know to be wrong is through the art of fashion. We want to make it clear that no person should be mistreated, discriminated, suppressed, or unruly taken advantage of due to their religious beliefs, sexual orientation, race, gender identity, body image, or whatever else there maybe that makes one individual feel alienated from the other.  

We brought together a creative group that each represented an inclusive focus of where the world needs to aspire to be in the future.


Mexican American, African American, Native American, Caucasian, Transgendered, Gay, Straight,  Atheist, Christian, Muslim, Economic Status, Eco Friendly, Up-cycled, and Body Image.


Together we were able to create the story of how Celestino aspires to use fashion to help contribute to the world.


We all as individuals are longing for acceptance, and we all have to not only comprehend but also be willing to stand for what is right in today’s time. It is time that we become accepting of each other for who we truly are, and show love, tenderness, and sincerity towards one another. We have to teach each other on what it is that matters most in the world today, and educate each other on how we are more alike than different.


The word Renaissance is defined as “…the revival of learning and culture”.

This world is calling for a new Renaissance.


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