Fall/Winter 2019

In alignment with our mission, the pieces currently available are one-of-a-kind runway samples. However, all pieces can be made to order according to your measurements. Please contact us at sergio@celestinocouture.com or leave a note at checkout with your size, or to schedule a fitting at our atelier.
Inspired by the Japanese warrior women known as Onna-Bugeisha, the fearless fighters of the Samurai time that have gone virtually unmentioned in the annals of time. Protecting their families, lands, and fighting for their beliefs, these warriors were a true display of the power of women; a quality that Celestino continuously strives to showcase and uphold. The strength of the onna-bugeisha combined with the elegance and beauty of the Japanese aesthetic found in the gardens, art, and fashions throughout history have been woven together to create the latest Celestino collection.
Rich, eye-catching pastels and floral brocades play on the classical Japanese imagery and the common fabrications found in traditional kimonos. Shapes commonly found in kimonos such as elongated sleeves and flowing hemlines have been coupled and blended into the classical silhouettes for which Celestino has become known. The innate strength of women displayed through a regal elegance. The entire collection was developed with women of all sizes in mind.

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